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Tuesday, March 25 2008

Las Vegas Home Energy Savings

According to the Las Vegas Water District and Natural Home Magazine, there are many ways to save both water and money while living in this drought-sensitive city:


1. Trade grass for water-smart plants and earn up to $1.50 per square foot of turf that you remove in addition to long-term savings on your monthly water bill. You can apply for the Water Smart Landscape rebate program on  

2. Run sprinklers in 3 cycles of 4 minutes each on your assigned watering day(s). Space each cycle an hour apart during early-morning hours to reduce water lost to evaporation.

3. Hand water dry spots with a hose, not your entire property’s irrigation system. Water with a handheld hose is permitted at any time.

4. Check sprinkler and drip systems after each mowing for broken and/or misaligned parts that may be spraying everything but your landscape.

5. Use sprinklers only on grass; use efficient drip irrigation to water trees, shrubs and/or flowers separately.

6. Avoid having grass on slopes, narrow areas or in overly curved patterns to reduce overspray and water waste. A buffer zone of plants and mulch in these areas can capture and use runoff.

7. Adjust your irrigation clock seasonally to comply with mandatory watering restrictions and avoid overwatering and water-waste fees.

8. When planning your landscape, walk around your property at different times of the day and get to know the many different conditions found within your yard—natural contours, sun exposure, soil types, drainage patterns, etc. You’ll typically find three zones that you can naturally work with to conserve water.

a. Protected: These are areas that are protected from the sun and wind and require little irrigation once plants have become established. These zones are locations where you can place plants that may require the most water.

b. Partially Exposed: Locations that have limited protection from the elements and require slightly more water than if they were placed within a protected zone. This area is best for plants with moderate water needs.

c. Exposed: Often located along dry, west- and south-facing exposures, these areas require significant irrigation. These locations should include only drought-tolerant or water-conserving plants. Drought tolerant plants can survive bouts of dry weather while water-conserving plants retain moisture rather than releasing it into the air.

9. In essence, maintain your yard. Your landscape can be healthy with less water if you weed regularly and keep your irrigation system running properly. If you have a grass lawn, don’t mow it shorter than two inches. Tall grass provides shade for its own roots and retains more moisture.


10. Install faucet aerators and high-efficiency shower heads and toilets. Consider a high-efficiency dishwasher or washing machine. Additional savings may be incurred through government rebates.

11. Replace toilet flappers every few years to reduce leaks. Find how to do this easy project and others at  

12. Listen and look for both indoor and outdoor leaks, which can add up quickly. View a free leak-detection video at

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